"Cheez Louise! Sailor, baby, you're really somethin'!"

Wild at Heart, David Lynch

"Each night when I return the cab to the garage, I have to clean the cum off the back seat. Some nights, I clean off the blood."

Taxi Driver, Martin Scorsese

"That rug really tied the room together."

The Big Lebowski, Joel & Ethan Coen

"Why are you all wet, baby?"

Shutter Island, Martin Scorsese

"You can touch my chest. I, uh... I think they're gonna grow more."

Moonrise Kingdom, Wes Anderson

"Ernest Hemingway once wrote, 'The world is a fine place and worth fighting for.'
I agree with the second part."

Se7en, David Fincher

Film & Video
    Breaking Waves is the third single of the ep "No More Revolutions" from the Belgian band Smashing Birds. The ep was recorded and supervised by producer Reinhard Vanbergen, known from Das Pop en Rheinzand. The challenge was to deliver an original and summer-feeling clip, with just a minimum of visual elements....
    Go-getting head of department Eefje rolls into a well-integrated team where she is faced with three old hands. She wants to ‘streamline’ the department with modern management techniques, but quickly finds herself skating on thin ice with one of her employees, Frederick. When she wants to organise a ‘debriefing’ at...
    This was an experiment; We asked families about their secrets for each other. We put these answers on the tableware and offered them a meal. While eating, they discovered the secrets of their family members and found the occasion to talk about them and become closer. The table and the...
  • DOCU
    where Despair Flourishes and Gallows Reign During one day, this documentary movie carries us along the human being in the last stage of his life. Longing to gone by times, we become absorbed in a world where the clock has stopped. We see the struggle with loss, sorrow and loneliness....